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Size. Larger kitchens tend to cost more to remodel. This is because they need more time, labor, and materials. But, this doesn’t mean smaller kitchen remodels are always cheaper. If you use higher-quality materials the cost will be more. What if you plan to enjoy : the kitchen yourself? Having a kitchen that you love can impact your day-to-day , life in positive ways. Of those who remodeled in 2017, 33% said they have a healthier lifestyle after renovating their kitchen.15 Nearly 50% said they have more family time, and 41% said they cook more at home.16 Itrsquos hard to deny those benefits! A stunning, well-appointed kitchen makes cooking and entertaining a breeze. Plus, upgrading the heart of the home attracts buyers and raises your home value to some extent. But before you can host Thanksgiving with your double ovens and gas range all against a lovely backsplash you’ll have to drum up the cash for upgrades. So just how much is it to remodel a kitchen?kitchen remodel expensesOnce you decide you want, or need, to remodel your kitchen, the process begins immediately. You’re browsing social media and home magazines collecting images of what your dream kitchen would look like. Every time you walk into your current , kitchen, you imagine the new and remodeled version of it. At some point though, reality sets in and you have , to start planning your budget for the project. The average cost of a kitchen remodel in Connecticut depends on the type of work that needs to be done. In fact, you can tailor your project to your budget. If youre on a tight budget, minor remodels deliver good bang for the buck, without breaking the bank. If youre not on a tight budget, then a major remodel can change the way you work in your kitchen. The more you spend on your kitchen, the less likely you are to see it come back in a sale price. The Cost vs. Value Report also notes a major, upscale kitchen remodel, costing an average of $135,547, will recoup 53.9% of the cost in sale, about $72,993.$50000 kitchen renovationRenovating your kitchen means you have the opportunity to design the perfect space for cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends. LIDA Homes skilled craftsmen and talented interior designers are committed to customer service and making , sure your custom kitchen is everything you want it to be. Contact us today to start your Victoria BC kitchen renovation project. Surprises during demolition. Removing the dropped ceiling and soffits in my kitchen added 9 inches of cabinet height and 5 inches of headroom. But every wire leaving the electrical panel — for the whole house — had been stuffed into the soffit, and once the soffits were removed, the wiring was festooned across the kitchen space like party streamers. Fixing that cost about $500 of electrician time. Bushels of blown-in insulation added to the mess. We were just lucky there weren’t pipes or ductwork in there, too."""""""



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