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The Coaches - 14U: Meet the Coaches
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Coach Watson

Head Coach - 14U

Coach Watson grew up playing baseball from the age of four all the way through high school. Following high school, he played 3 years in the Lincoln Adult Baseball League. Coach Watson has his USA Baseball Coaches Certification and has been coaching for four seasons, two with the Lincoln Saltdogs program and two with select baseball organizations. Coach Watson’s philosophy is developing defensive skills and preparing the boys to be competitive as they prepare to transition out of select baseball and into high school and legion programs. Coach Watson also stresses the importance of mental preparation in the game of baseball and how these lessons translate to life in general.

Coach Krupicka

Assistant Coach - 14U

Coach Krupicka has always loved the game of baseball. Growing up playing the game taught him many life lessons about hard work, dedication, teamwork, the thrill of winning and the agony of defeat. Coach Krupicka is driven to coach by being able to share his passion for the game and helping these young men learn and grow from lessons that baseball teaches, both on and off the field. Coach Ryan has been coaching youth baseball as a head coach and assistant coach for 9 years.

Coach Schmale

Assistant Coach - 14U

Coach Schmale is heading into his second year as assistant coach to the 13U team. His to main goals during the season are to create an environment where his players can enjoy the sport of baseball and develop their skills. Coach Schmale believes in the power and importance of sportsmanship.

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