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What Are the Best Plants to Surround Your Hawaiian Pool?

Ever wondered what it takes to craft the perfect poolside paradise with natural accents? Envision your oasis of tranquility, your private lagoon wrapped in the lush foliage that Hawaii has to offer. Preparing your landscape is more than an addition—it's a transformation of your outdoor living space. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that harmonizes with the island's spirit. And who better to bring this vision to life than Hawaii Pools, the experts in pool design and installation in our archipelago?

When selecting the right greenery to frame your watery haven, consider factors like maintenance, durability, and compatibility with the Hawaiian climate. Starting with native plants can yield an array of benefits, from attracting local wildlife to offering resilience against tropical conditions.

Low-lying ferns make for excellent poolside companions. Their delicate fronds sway gently with the breeze, not growing too high or obstructive—a match for those who appreciate unassuming elegance and minimal upkeep. For those with a preference for color bursts, hibiscus offers a vivid spectacle with its large, conspicuous flowers and broad green leaves, encapsulating the essence of Hawaiian flora.

No Hawaiian garden would be complete without palms. But choose wisely; some species can grow excessively grand. Dwarf varieties, however, remain manageable and are adequate shields from the sun’s intensity while adding an architectural element to the landscape.

Ground covers such as the vibrant 'ākia plant thrive in sun-soaked regions and are superb choices for their low profile and ability to endure salt sprays—a common feature for pools close to the ocean. They spread across the soil effortlessly, creating an uninterrupted sea of green close to the water's edge.

Succulents may appear alien amidst tropical plants, yet their ability to withstand drought conditions makes them unexpectedly fitting allies. With a plethora of textures and forms, they intertwine, ensuring that uniqueness resonates even in the smallest landscape detail.

Finally, native Hawaiian Ohia trees present an honorable move towards fostering local ecosystems. They're flexible in growth, catering to both open and restricted areas. With striking red or yellow flowers, they are definitive statements of beauty and support for indigenous habitats.

Your pool area doesn't have to sacrifice style for sustainability. With each chosen plant, the vision of a serene retreat grows closer, meshing with the character and climate of the islands. Through careful selection, the final outdoor tableau will not only dazzle the eye but also stand up to environmental conditions.

When it comes time to actualize your poolside botanic design, the real work is in the details. A sophisticated plan demands an experienced touch. It’s essential to collaborate with specialists who grasp the refined intricacies of island landscaping. This is where Hawaii Pools shines, ready to assist with their design and installation services.

Seize the opportunity to cultivate your private escape. Contact Hawaii Pools today and learn how their knowledge and skill can help you achieve the perfect combination of aquatic grace and lush landscaping. Transform your property into an enchanting setting; after all, the best landscaping Big Island Hawaii has to offer is one that reflects your dreams while respecting the delicate balance of its natural surroundings.


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