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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Take Control of your IT Infrastructure with LabStats

LabStats is an industry-leading tool that has helped thousands of universities and colleges in tracking hardware and software across campus with better control of their IT environment. From resource allocation to staff and students to fulfilling compliance with all software licenses, LabStats can do it all. 

Understand departmental demand with detailed reports regarding hardware and software usage across campus and allocate resources efficiently. With advanced tools and smart features, 

LabStats also helps you discover the student demographic that's satisfied with IT resources and those that aren't. 

Powerful Business Intelligence for Greater Efficiency

The Power business intelligence dashboard is designed in a simplified way to give you better control of your IT environment. From data models to API calls, our dashboard templates have everything you need to get started monitoring hardware and software. 

You can filter through current and historical data usage and filter through any tags that you've created. Our powerful BI dashboard can be easily customized to leverage multiple data points at once. Apart from tracking and ensuring compliance, LabStats allows you to:

·        Connect to live data

·        Create custom dashboards, tables, and charts

·        Publish results on a cloud service

·        Create personalized alerts

·        Automate refresh and share functions

·        Embed data in PowerPoint presentations

Start a Free Trial

Take a free trial of our market-leading tool and find out how we can make a difference in resource efficiency and student and staff productivity. Schedule a walkthrough or start a free trial today by calling +1-208-473-2222 or sending an email to


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